Indian minister gifted wooden bat to 700 Brides for the beating of their Liquor addict husbands

Indian minister has gifted wooden bats to 700 brides, for the beating their liquor addicted husbands. Indian state Madhya Pradesh organised an aggregate marriage of around 700 couples.

Several guests including the ministers also attended the combined marriage ceremony, Indian minister Gopal Bhargava, gifted these brides wooden bats those are usually used for the washing of clothes in India, but he suggested these ladies to beat their husbands if they gets addictive over liquor. He added that this is to teach a lesson to such grooms, and police will not be involved in such beating matters.

Minister in his interview explained that the purpose of such gift is to fetch world attention over this basic issue that several women are facing, as their liquor addictive husbands spends their earning over this habit and even beat their wives after being drunk.


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