United CEO says, dragged passenger was ‘disruptive’


Oscar Munoz the CEO of United airlines which today pulled a passenger out of airliner said that employees “followed established procedures” in an incident which saw a passenger dragged off an overbooked US domestic flight.

In a letter to employees, the CEO of United airlines said that he was “upset to see and hear about what happened”.

Meanwhile the CEO Munoz stated that the affected passenger was reacting in a “disruptive and belligerent” way.

The dragged person was not yet identified but the people on board said that he and his wife are doctors, they belonging to Vietnam were living in Louisville Kentucky from 20 years.

Incident happened when the flight crew ordered the four overbooked flight passengers to please leave the airlines so the crew can replace these vacancies, for a safe flight, but this passenger refused to leave the jet, so the flight crew forcefully removed him by dragging him out, blood was also seen over his face after the dragging incident.


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