India decided to grant highest loan to Bangladesh

New Delhi, India decided to provide a highest loan of history to its neighbouring coalition country Bangladesh, regarding these 22 agreements were signed between the two countries.

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina Wajid is in India over a four days tour, during which she meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and both country’s leaders signed 22 different agreements regarding defence, energy, and education.

According to these agreements India will provide a loan of $50 million for the defence purpose, and for several other field it will give the a $4.5 billion highest loan of history, to any country by India.

Soon after the meeting both Prime Ministers did a press briefing, in which Modi said that India, for the development of Bangladeshi public will always be supporting, as it said Bangladesh is always a trustworthy partner, as India during previous 6 years assigned a $8 billion for Dhaka.

Meanwhile the water issue between the both states is still paused, but India ensured that this matter will also be solved soon.


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