Tikrit Iraq: at least 31 killed, 40 wounded in ISIS attack

Iraqi city Tirkit faced a brutal bombing attack organised by the ISIS militants, which resulted killing of more than 31 and dozens are seriously injured in this attack, 14 police officials also died in this attack.

Police said that these militants first attacked police officers, and then started firing over civilians as well, among these attacking militants were two suicide bombers who blown themselves among people and police, to create a blood shed.

None of the militant troops in this conflicted region took responsibility of this attack, Dolat Islamia used to plan such attacks in past.

Tikrit-Blast 2

Police Colonel Khalid Mahmood told media, that 10 militants in police uniforms attacked on Tuesday, he explained that these militants attacked the police check post and the senior official home nearby the check post where they killed him along his family, during this time police backfired over these resulting the blst of two suicides among these militants, and three other militants were also killed by the Iraqi police firing.



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