Natalie Portman on Hike for the first time with baby daughter Amalia

Natalie Portman stepped out in public with baby Amalia for the first time on Wednesday, she was carrying the baby on front tied inside cloth at Natalie’s chest, She is a mother of two, Amalia is the younger daughter of Natalie Portman, the 35 years old actress along her kid, selected the Griffith Park in Los Angeles, inside Los Feliz area, for Amalia’s very first hike.
Natalie Portman with Baby 1.jpg

At Baby’s first hike the actress stepped out in public with baby Amalia carrying her tot in a sling, instead of a stroller, as from the photos it can be seen that Natalie wrapped her baby inside a black piece of cloth tied upright at her chest.  

Natalie Portman with Baby 2.jpg
Little Amalia’s was placed in a much cute way, as she was in touch with her mother Natalie, she was protected in a much organic way from intense sunlight being a daughter of a Oscar winning actress, her elegant mom took her to a healthy activity at a very young age.

Natalie Portman with Baby 3.jpg

Amalia was wearing a light romper, and a floppy hat over her little head, her tiny legs and arms around her beautiful mom looked great. She was much careful regarding baby Amalia as she was watching the kid several times during the hike, meanwhile baby Amalia prefered sleeping close to her mom during the whole walk.


On her hike, Natalie was wearing a pair of blue denim cut-offs and a full sleeve pink lining top matched with her sneakers, she haven’t wore make up, and was wearing a Dior reflective shades.


Little Amalia was born on 22 February, months before the Oscar awards, and the kind mom decided to stay away from Hollywood and spent precious time with her newborn daughter Amalia.


The loving couple of Natalie and Benjamin Millepied had two kids, the other one is a five years boy Aleph.


After leaving the Oscar nominee for best actress, Natalie starred in a stunning black and white music film clip.This video by James Blake, “My Willing Heart” was focused over Natalie during her pregnant physique.


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