India decided the deportation of 10K Rohingya Muslim refugees from the country

NEW DELHI: More than 10,000 Rohingya Muslims belonging to Myanmar are currently living in Jammu and Kashmir, central and the state governments are much intended to deport them.

As the Hindu government is very much against the global Muslim community, which lead the decision to took place so early, as India decided to deport the 10,000 Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, who are already facing much much difficulties.

Indian media said that a meeting took place under the influence of the interior ministry Rajeev Krishan, along occupied Kashmir’s chief secretary Braj Raj Sharma, and the Director General of police SP Vaid was also present in this elite meeting, in which several suggestions were presented for the expel of Rohingya Muslim refugees from Kashmir, as these majority Muslim communities has taken shelter in Jammu and Samba divisions.


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