“Halala” became a business in Britain


Media reports revealed that several Online organisations are charging thousands of Pounds from Muslim women, for providing the services facility of “Halala.” These women are paying to marry a stranger, might building physical relations with them, and divorcing them, to return to her original husband in a legal way finding a backway in their religious rule.

A hidden identity girl in Britain told, that when she was 20 years old she got married and had children, after which she faced misconduct by her husband. She told that very first time her husband used her for cash, she told that her husband also got aggressive without any reason dragging her holding hair, to throw her out of his house, after which her husband sent her text message in order to divorce her. She explained that she was at home and her husband was at work, after a strong argue, he texted her to divorce.

She asked her father regarding the incident, who told her that their marriage has lasted now after this text by her husband, she was much depressed after this, she actually loved her husband and wished returning to him, meanwhile her husband also had a regret over his wrong decision in anger.

Then she was forced to step towards the process of Halaal, because in her religion only Halal seemed the way to marry a divorced woman to her ex husband once again, Halala tradition can place several issues as well, like blackmailing, sexual harassment.

As Muslims all over the World already against this unethical process, to rejoin a divorced person, this is a self made way to do so, and is the misuse of a Islamic Talaq system.


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