Grandmother and Father killed two children as sacrifice

A grandmother and a father killed his two children as a sacrifice in a village called Bhatinda in the Indian province of Punjab.

Swapin Sharma, the Senior Superintendent Police of Bhatinda told reporters that the father Kulwinder Singh electrocuted his children and then forcefully shoved light bulbs in their mouths with the help of his mother Nirmal Kaur.

After finding out about the death of the children villagers gathered around his house and called the police for his arrest.

One of the relatives of the suspects, Rashi Singh has claimed that the family was fighting over some issues for a few days and four days earlier a Tantric (spiritual healer) had visited their home. At that time sounds of drum beating could be heard from their house.

Rashi Singh claims that the Tantrik is responsible for the deaths and he lives in Kalanwali.

He said last night when I went to their home they had killed their children by strangling them and putting light bulbs in their mouth, they were fighting with each other.

He said the dead children included a 5-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl.

The SSP of Bhatinda has said that the grandmother of the children is mentally unstable and she thought that her grandchildren were possessed by demons and used to consult Tantriks. He said that this women was also electrocuting those children with the help of her son.


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