U.S started instal of anti missile system in South Korea

Seol, after the recent ballistic missile test by North Korea, U.S navy has started the instal of the latest anti missile systems ‘THAAD’ which is deployed in South Korea, U.S navy spokesman said that the Anti missile system is to secure South Korea from its neighboring country already engaged in the ballistic missile test, North Korea, he further added that U.S and its coalitions are much doubted after the North Korean Missile tests.

THAAD is the latest anti missile system, also known as the “terminal high altitude area defense”, which is made by the Lockheed Martin company, which is capable to target the less range, mid range, and average range, ballistic missiles, and can destroy these fired missile in the terminal range, before reaching the target.

Lockheed Martin claimed that this latest missile system is 100 percent accurate in destroying all sort of ballistic missile. THAAD is much more better and efficient than the previous U.S anti missile system ‘Patriot’.


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