Mosul, Iraqi armies rebuild control over occupied government offices

Iraqi forces in the occupied Mosul, took back the control of the main offices of government in the city, which were under the control of the extremists Dolat Islamia, this progress will definitely help the further operating against these militants in the ancient dense populated city Mosul.

Thousands of people after the start of operation by Iraqi forces, migrated towards the safe areas, and on daily bases hundreds are still leaving the controversial battle field Mosul, till yet this city is having numerous militants, and this city is also believed as the last main safe home of these militants of Dolat Islamia.

Months back in January Iraqi forces already took control of the eastern Mosul, and now are engaged in getting the western area of the city back from these extremist group, comparatively western Mosul’s operation is believed to be more tough, that the East Mosul, due to the narrow streets and the dense population of the western side of Mosul.


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