“Trump’s claims about recording phone calls are false”: Obama spokesperson

A spokesperson for the former US president Barack Obama has said that Donald Trump’s allegations about his phone calls being tapped are totally false.

Kevin Luis, the spokesperson for Barack Obama said that neither president Obama nor any member of his administration have ever given any order for the surveillance of any citizen of United States.

The president of United States Donald Trump had accused Barack Obama of tapping his phone calls one month prior to the presidential elections.

Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday saying that he was just informed that Obama had been tapping his phone calls one month before his win. He had further said that previously a court had refused the request to tape his phone calls.

However, the US president has not provided any additional evidence to support his claims, he didn’t even mentioned the what court case he was talking about.

In his statement Kevin Luis said that no one from the Obama administration ever interfered with any judicial investigation. This statement has left the probability of a judicial investigation against Donald Trump.

According to media reports a few weeks earlier FBI had requested warrants so that some members of Donald Trump’s team would be put under observation for alleged ties with Russian authorities.

Former president Barack Obama has not yet commented on Donald Trump’s allegations as of yet.


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