Travelling alone and less interactions make you smarter

London, Britain’s physiological society experts found that people who prefer the loneliness, and usually traveling alone, are the more intelligent ones, according to the research.

This latest studies also said that unsatisfied people in life, and having the less interaction with others, seems to rise the intelligence level of a person, and normally it is observed that the urban living people are more unsatisfied than the people living in villages.

Less populated area people like the villages are much more interacting with each other, and theses are often sharing the problems with others, which may leads to a satisfied life, but the intelligence level of these people remain less than the unsatisfied and the less social ones.

Studies revealed that the more smart and intelligent ones are found that when ever getting a chance these people used to travel alone, in order to get some new experiences and lessons from some new places, each time, and returning to their lives.


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