Latest battery charges quickly and stores three time more electricity

A team of American and Portuguese scientists have developed an environmentally friendly solid state battery that not only charges quickly it stores three time more electricity than the usual Lithium-ion batteries.

John Goodenough of the University of Texas and the 94-year old inventor of the Lithium-ion battery lead other experts in creating a complete solid state battery. The electrodes of this battery are made out of glass. John Goodenough said this battery has a longer life and it can be recharged thousands of times, the materials used to build it are also less expensive.

Even at his age John Goodenough is leading and supervising many research groups in the University of Texas.

Due to its ability to charge quickly and store more electricity in smaller areas, in future it will be used in smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Larger batteries will also be made using this technology which will enable electric cars to travel longer distances on a single charge.

The battery was recharged 1,200 times during the test phase and no damage occurred to its electrodes. The team who invented this battery has said that solid state batteries can work efficiently in -20 degree centigrades.

Details about this invention have been published in the research journal “Energy and Environmental Science”, the University of Texas has also filed for a patent on this technology.


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