China cuts down its growth target to 6.5 %

The prime minister of China Li Keqiang has announced that the country’s growth rate will be set at 6.5% whereas last year it ranged from 6.5% to 7%.

The prime minister of China made this announcement in the parliament during his address to the annual conference of National People’s Congress. Last year was the China saw the slowest growth rate of progress in the last 26 years.

Prime Minister Li said that he will take over such coal and steel manufacturing organisations which need government assistance to run, he also praised president Shi Jin Ping’s services. However, experts are skeptical because such promises have not been kept by China in the past.

More than 3,000 members of parliament were present in the Gate Hall of Beijing, the National People’s Congress and its advisory body’s conference is held annually.

During his address he pointed out towards the challenges faced by China, he said that environmental pollution is a huge problem and some officials are responsible for creating obstacles in China’s progress.


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