US midwest hit with 21 tornadoes killing at least 2 people

Severe weather has hit the United States midwest region and a series of 21 tornadoes hit multiple states on Tuesday killing at least 2 people and injuring many others.

According to the meteorologists ever more severe thunderstorm is expected to spread across the midwest and it can last till Wednesday. Apart from the two deaths the tornadoes also destroyed property and scattered numerous cars on the highways.

The states of Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois were hit by the series of 21 tornadoes, the National Weather Service has reported.

One of the deaths occurred in Ottawa in the state of Illinois, when he was hit by a falling tree, other residents of the area were also injured due to the falling debris.

The other person died in Missouri after almost 20 vehicles were blown into the sky by the tornado and they landed on the freeway south of Perryville. Several other people were also injured most of whom were drivers and passengers struck by the debris.

People have been taking photos and making videos of these tornadoes and sharing them on social media.

The small town of Naplate west of Ottawa also received some damage and teams of first responders have been sent there. The National Weather Center also reported that the tornadoes are also accompanied with hail and strong winds throughout the region.


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