Women caught at Malaysian airport to be charged with the murder of Kim Jong-nam

Two women who attacked Kim Jong-nam at a Malaysian airport  are going to be charged with his murder according to the attorney general of Malaysia, one of them is Vietnamese while the other is Indonesian.

According to the Malaysian police Kim Jong-nam’s face was smeared with a powerful nerve agent known as VX, this substance is on the United Nation’s list of weapons of mass destruction. The attack took place on  Feb 13 and was recorded on the security cameras of the airport

Both South Korea and United States are of the point of view that Kim Jong-nam’s death was planned by North Korea as he was a vocal critic of his family’s regime. He had been living in exile in Macau under the Chinese protection.

Apart from the women the Malaysian police has also detained a male suspect from North Korea, seven more citizens of North Korea have been identified that may have been involved in this assassination.

Mohammad Apandi Ali, the attorney general of Malaysia told reuters that the women will be charged for murder, however, the North Korean suspect will not be charged yet.

The footage of the incident has been released in media on online, it shows that Kim Jong-nam was attacked in the departure hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It took only 20 minutes for the nerve agent to kill him.

However, the women have claimed that they were paid to do so as part of a prank for a reality TV show.


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