At least 13 Afghan police officers killed by an infiltrator in Helmand

Kabul: An infiltrator in the Afghan police force helped in the killing of at least 13 police officers in Helmand the southern province of Afghanistan.

According to sources the Taliban had been successful in implanting an infiltrator in the Afghan police force and last night in the regional capital Lashkar Gah he allowed militants to enter the police station.

After killing the police officers the infiltrator escaped and left with the Taliban. Omar Zuak a spokesperson for the provincial governor has confirmed the reports, however, he has not yet provided any details of the incident neither did any group officially claimed responsibility of the attack.

Haji Gulai, the deputy chief of police told reporters: “The Taliban attacked a guard with silenced guns and then entered the check post. They attacked other policemen with hand grenades and killed all of them. They later took their weapons and ammunition and escaped.”

This region is the centre of opium production due to its fertility, at one end it covers main routes to among cities and on the other it borders with Pakistan.

Before the city came under attack in October last year, thousands of people from the rural areas had come to Lashkar Gah to take shelter. Before 2014 large forces of Taliban battled with NATO forces in this city.


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