Hundreds of thousands in Chile are living without clean drinking water

One of the most important rivers of the South American country of Chile has been polluted due to heavy rains and land sliding, as a result hundreds of thousands of people in the capital of Santiago are having difficulties in getting clean drinking water.

The Mapocho river that flows through the city has become so polluted that the government had to stop the supply of drinking water. The authorities have said that the supply would remain closed until the river gets a fresh supply of water.

Local authorities have shut down all the hotels and restaurants in the area until thing get back normal, residents have no other choice to buy bottled water for drinking and other uses. Educational institutions will also remain closed on Monday.

Officials from emergency departments have said that fast flowing water under the mountains have also destroyed many roads cutting off thousands of people from the main population.

Claudio Orrego, the governor of Santiago has said that water shortage is going to affect at least 1.5 million homes located in 30 districts. He also said: “We still do not have any idea how long it will take to resume the supply of water. How can we resume the service until fresh and clean water starts to flow in the  Mapocho river?”

The authorities have said the restoration of water supply depends on the fact that how the climate will behave and that heavy rain on mountains continues or stops.

According to the current information at least 4 people have been killed in floods.


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