Trump said Mexico border wall, to build “ahead of schedule.”

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said “we’re building the wall,”.

He said that the construction of the border wall will be started soon, ahead of the scheduled time of building it.

During his address at the annual meeting of the conservative political action congress, he promised that he will always prefer the Americans, and the Mexico border wall, will be a great wall, he also promised that the evil criminal ones will definitely deported from U.S.

Maryland state, during the annual conference of the party, people over there said US in the sense of excitement at the Trumps statement, by getting sentimental during his speech.

On Friday Donald Trump while his address he said that we are building the wall. He added that we are going to start its work much before the previously decided time.

Trump also told that he is also working over the clean sweep of the Dolat Islamia as well. And said that the terrorist can’t harm the U.S, if they will not be able to enter the country.

Donald Trump discussing the Swedan issue said, he was much criticised, over his untrue claim regarding the country. He said that i really love Sweden, and the people of the Sweden knows that i am much fair with them.

After ward he talked about the France terror attacks, and told one of his friend loved to visit Paris, but due to the past violence in the country he stopped going to France, because he said Paris haven’t been the same as before, “Paris is no more Paris.”

Most of the appreciation from the crowd listening his speech came to Trump, when he screamed in the favour of U.S.

He also said that the Global coalition is very nice, and is much important as well, but he insisted that there is no such Global anthem, Global currency, nor a Global flag, he said.

This is United States of America, of which i am the representative, i am not the Global leader, i am only the leader of U.S he claimed.


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