Private training jet crashed, 2 pilots dead in Faisalabad, Pakistan

The accident happened by some technical fault in the plane, officials said.

In this crash an instructor and a training pilot died, Faisalabad is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan.

Faisalabad, a private flying club’s jet crashed near the airport, both pilots in the flight died in the fatal crash.

This was the small jet of a private company, Shaheen flying club, which is providing the facility of flying academy, this was the training plane which got crashed soon after its flight from Faisalabad International airport, the plane faced some technical fault and started roaming in the sky, pilots inside the plane tried their level best to land the troubled plane safely, but unluckily it crashed while the attempt, killing both training and the instructor pilots inside the plane.

Dead bodies of these are sent to the hospital, flying club saying that the visible reason of the crash is some technical fault during the flight, while the final root cause of the sad incident will be clear after the complete investigation.

On the other side, Shaheen flying school was sealed, and further detailed investigations are being ordered, all the record of the Shaheen flying club was taken for investigation.


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