Narendar Modi blamed Pakistan for Train accident in India

After the accident Indian police arrested several people at the sight, among the arrested were few people belonging to Pakistani secret agencies found at the sight, Narendar Modi Indian prime minister said while his address to a rally.

Uttar Pradesh, Indian prime minister Modi once again seeking sympathy of his public in the elections, as usual he while his speech blamed Pakistan for the Train accident in Kanpur, India.

Gonda district, Uttar Pradesh, prime minister gave another amazing statement against the neighbouring country, as both countries from the beginning not having good relations, both countries had two major wars and often the border line violations are been done by the Indian army mostly under the influence of the ruling Modi government, this suspicious statement of Modi also seems a part of his hate for Pakistan.

In Kanpur accident 138 people died, Modi said that was not an accident it was planned by Pakistan, as police had arrested the secret agents of Pakistan near the accident site.

State elections leaders social Wadi party and Narendra Modi’s party the Bharatiya Janata Party will be opponents in the coming 2019 elections, Uttar pradesh will play a vital role in the next government selection, that’s why Modi is trying its level best to ensure his victory in this state.

Accident happened when the train off tracked near Kanpur, in last year November, killing 148 passengers and around 100 were injured.


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