Iraqi forces enter Mosul after intense battle

Iraqi forces have succeeded in entering western Mosul after an intense battle that went on for 5 days with assistance of air strikes.

An operation was started five days ago to take control of the Mosul from the Islamic State, just one day before Iraqi forces cleared the Mosul airport. The Iraqi forces first entered the desert and then entered the city through the fields to enter the heavily populated area with chances of intense fighting.

Mosul has been the stronghold of the extremist organisation Islamic State, the easter side was controlled by Iraqi forces and now the Islamic State fighters have taken refuge in the western city.

Meanwhile the president of Iraq Haider Al Abadi has announced that for the first time Iraqi air force has targeted Islamic State hideouts in Syria. He said Iraqi forces have targeted at least two hideouts which were used to carry out attacks in Baghdad.

Before entering the city the Iraqi forces had bombarded the city heavily and pamphlets were thrown from the air to warn the citizens.

United Nations is also showing concerns for the civilians stuck in Mosul.


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