Firing in U.S bar, 1 killed, 2 got injured


U.S state Kansas, this happened in a pub, when a man did firing over people and killed at least one, and two others are seriously injured. The suspect was a U.S navy officer, who fired over three Indian in a bar, resulting the killing of one of them and the other two are seriously injured, which were sent to near by hospital.


The 51 years old suspect was found the U.S navy officer, first he pinched the Indians at the bar, saying them the middle eastern, criticizing them and saying them to leave America his country, soon after the violence created by him he fired over two Indians, out of which one was dead and the other was seriously injured in the murder attempt by the soldier, second injured one is also Indian who tried to stop the suspect from firing over the innocent people without any reason.

After this terrifying act the suspect escaped from the crime sight, but after few hour he was arrested from Mezori, police said that the man was drunk and the futher investigation will reveal the root cause of this act done by him, and will be sentenced accordingly after the complete investigations of this brutal killing crime.


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