Father commits suicide, after daughter’s birth

Amit had a hope of getting a male baby birth, he was badly shocked at the birth of his daughter, family told.

This happened in Indian state Gujarat, at Surat city, when a man committed suicide because of the daughter’s birth. While he was expecting a son instead of a female child.

Police said, the man named Amit Sahani was a crane operator, he was found dead in his home hanging with a noose, his family stated that Amit was badly shocked by the birth of a female kid, while he was much hopeful to get a baby boy, due to this he in his room twilled a cloth around a ceiling fan to make a noose, in order to commit suicide.

Amit’s family added that all the family members were at hospital to visit his wife, and none was at home, when Amit committed suicide, his dead body is sent to the hospital, where his post mortem will be done, after the post mortem report more details of the case will be helping the further investigations of the case and the real cause of death.



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