U.S, new Immigration plan will come next week

Donald Trump criticised the court’s decision of suspending the previous immigration orders given by him, U.S government said that the travel ban over several countries citizens will be announced next week.

President said to announce the new immigration orders this week, but now White House telling that the new immigration policy will now be coming next week and the suspension of the previous travel ban will remain same as per court orders.

Looking back at the Trumps decision at the start of his government in U.S, when he banned the travelling of the seven Muslim majority countries, residents in U.S. soon after this decision of him, thousands of people were affected at the airports all over the world by the immigration law announced that time, protest rallies took place all over the country and in other countries as well against this strict law, due to the situation court took stand and temporarily suspended the Trumps immigration orders.

White House said that the allegations highlighted in the previous policy by the court, will be resolved in the next coming immigration policy of U.S.Homeland security’s secretary John Kelly told that the new plan will be much more organised as per considering the U.S benefits.

Till yet the changings in the new immigration policy are still a mystery, while the opponents telling that if the travel ban continues in the new plan as well, it will be again a conflict with the government, and Trump government will be highly shocked, by the reaction of people this time.


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