Trump wants to increase United States nuclear capability

Washington: The United States president Donald Trump has said that he wants to increase the nuclear capability of the country, he has talked about this issue for the first time after becoming president.

He told Reuters that United States is left behind when it comes to the actual number of nuclear weapons, he said it would be amazing if no country had nuclear weapons but if that’s not the case then US at the top.

According to weapons related organization ACA, the United States have 6,800 nuclear weapons while Russia has almost 7,000 nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump also said that he is the first president who wants to see a nuclear weapon free world, but we cannot be left behind by any country even if it’s one of our friends.

He further said: “It would be amazing, a dream that no country would posses nuclear weapons, but if other countries are going after them we will be ahead of them.”

Donald Trump also posted a tweet that read: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

Do note that according to the weapons related New Star agreement between United States and Russia both countries will maintain their nuclear arsenals at the same level till 2018. During his interview Donald Trump also said that he is in total support of the European Union, regarding China he said that the country is a master of currency manipulation and can easily control North Korea.

He also said that European Union has a lot of money and he will insist that they play a better role, he said the Palestine issue can be resolved with a two state solution, however, other solutions can also be considered.

During his election campaign Trump had declared that weapons proliferation was the single biggest issue of the world. At this time he also said that the use of nuclear weapons against Europe is a possibility.

His opponent Hillary Clinton had repeatedly said during her campaign that Trump lacks the diplomatic skills necessary to avoid a nuclear conflict.


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