Syria, car bombing blast, killed at least 41


Turkish backed rebels on Thursday took control of this town, Syria, militants occupied town Albab faced a brutal car bombing attack in which at least 41 people died.

Syrian Observatory for human rights said, that by this heavy car bombing attack one of the security post of the Turkish supported rebels, was also destroyed.

The affected village is around eight kilometers away from the town Albab, in this town the Turkish rebels pushed away the extremist group Dolat Islamia.

Turkey said that the rebels are near to take the complete control of the area. 36 civilians along 6 rebels died in the fatal attack by Dolat Islamia. Basically militants targeted the check post of rebels. Citizens were there for the sake of getting permission to return Albab, when the blast happened. Albab city is having a population of around 1.5 lac.

This town in the beginning of 2012 was under the control of the Syrian rebels, later in 2014 it was captured by the extremist troop Dolat Islamia, and became a safe home of several foreign jihadist families.

Rebels said that much area in Albab is mined, by the extremists, and they are trying to clear area from these land mines.


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