People are angry over $650,000 offering in a temple in India

The chief minister of southern state of Telangana, India gave away $650,000 as offering to a temple, this decision has come under strong criticism on the social media.

Chandar Shekhar Rao, the chief minister gave away gold worth of $650,000 to a temple at the tenth anniversary of the state, he used government funds to pay for the offering. People have took to social media and bombarded him with criticism, people are saying that such huge amount of money could have been used for better purposes.

The chief minister also came under criticism previously when he bought a house for himself worth $7.3 million. One official anonymously told AFP that the offering was made using the official funds of Telangana state.

Do note that in 2014 the state of Telangana was separated from the state of Andhra Pradesh and made an independant state. The people of this area thought that their needs were not taken care of and they struggled hard for a long time to get their independent state.

This area consists of 10 districts previously belonging to Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad city.

India has long tradition of making extravagant offerings in their temples and there is abundance of gold in the country too, according to some estimates a huge portion of the world’s total gold can be found in Indian households and temples.


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