Netanyahu is sabotaging peace in Middle East: Former Australian Prime Minister


Australia’s former prime minister Kevin Rudd has criticised Israel’s policies and have accused prime minister Netanyahu for sabotaging the peace negotiations in the Middle East.

Netanyahu is the first ever Israeli prime minister to visit Australia and he himself had criticised Kevin Rudd previously for his suggestion of recognizing Palestine as an independent state. Kevin Rudd wrote on his facebook page that Netanyahu often sabotages peace negotiations by changing his point of view at the last moment.

Kevin Rudd also criticised Israel’s plans to build new settlements in occupied Palestinian lands, on his Facebook he also wrote:

“In Israel, recent legislation by the Israeli Knesset legalising large scale Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory on the West Bank fundamentally undermines the prospect of a two-state solution.

“It does this by degrading the overall territory remaining that would be incorporated in an independent Palestinian state.”

Netanyahu has not responded to this statement, however, he has said previously that recognizing Palestine as an independant state will be a disaster. He is currently on a four day visit in Australia and Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is hosting his trip.

The Israeli prime minister thanked Malcolm Turnbull for not supporting the United Nations security council resolution against Israel.

Kevin Rudd said that he was a strong supporter of Israel too and he campaigned in favor of jews, however, supporting Israel does not mean supporting every policy of Netanyahu. He also quoted the incident in 2010 when an Israeli diplomat used four bogus Australian passports to assassinate a leader of Hamas in Dubai.

The diplomat was expelled by Kevin Rudd’s government and Israel never issued a formal apology for the incident. It is expected that protests will be held against Netanyahu in Sydney on Thursday.


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