Iraqi army again took control of the Mosul airport

Iraq government forces got back the control of the Mosul airport, in order to get rid from the control of the extremist group named, Dolat Islamia.

Iraqi forces did a four hours operation to fetch back the control of the airport.

Dolat Islamia fired mortar bombs at the airport, an army official told that during the operation against the terrorists they entered one of the army base, militants already had destroyed the runway of the airport, while capturing such a massive area would help army to take control of the Southern road of the city.

Before the operation the Iraqi forces along its coalition forces did a airstrike to clear the land path towards the targets at the airport.

Iraqi forces are fully supported by the U.S army soldiers and armoured vehicles of the U.S army, army officials told,except the Mosul airport, the Ghazaly army base is also under the extremists control and attack are continuously happening by Iraqi forces to disperse militants.till sunday the security force of Iraq had almost surrounded the whole city, and the safe home of the militants are regularly targeted by the U.S based coalition forces along the Iraqi forces.
Month back Iraqi force already took control of the western side of Mosul which was one of the main holding areas of the extremist troop, Dolat Islamia. It is believed that Mosul is the only safe home of these militants, while the evacuation of the civilians was happening from October 2016.


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