Palestine Jewish extremists attacked Jerusalem


Israeli forces moved away the Palestinian guard at the Jerusalem mosque, occupied Jerusalem, under the supervision of Israeli army and police, Jewish extremists attacked Jerusalem by entering and disrespecting the former central mosque of the worldwide Muslims.

Yesterday around 102 Jewish extremists entered and disrespecting Aqsa mosque the Jerusalem, which is one of the most historical secret religious place of the Muslims, except this infuriated act the Israeli army and police also destroyed the welcoming camp for released innocent citizen after 15 years in Israel, organised by the palestinians, the security forces of Israel tortured the Palestinian people badly, at the camp, in order to disperse them.

Israeli army also attacked the Gharb Urdan at the west occupied side of country at the government regional headquarters and while searching, the Israeli forces tortured the staff over there and also vandalized the office and taking the useful things with them.

Meanwhile Human rights organisation is also criticising the only 18 months sentence of an Israeli soldier for the brutal killing of an injured Palestinian youngster. And also said this is the decision of court is the murder of justice.

During this week around 156 jewish residents, 85 Jewish students and 43 Israeli law enforcement officers, disrespected the Jerusalem mosque by moving the away the Palestinian guard at the mosque’s entrance and exit path, and on Wednesday theses Jewish extremists entered the mosque through the Mrakash gate of the mosque, and disrespected the most holy place of the Muslims all around the World.


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