Israeli model resembling to Miliana Trump earned 24K Dollar

Israeli model Meera was basically a belly dance at Tel Aviv in Israel, New York, U.S president Donald Trump’s victory became lucky for Meera.

This model girl Meera is highly resembling to the first lady the Miliana Trump by her face and the way of talking even seems to be same. Meera is now taking three thousand Dollar for appearing  in private parties as Miliana Trump.

Miami Beach, The 45 years old model Meera is a year younger than Miliana Trump, but the weight of both ladies is same, and specially the appearance and face of both are much similar that can’t be judged easily. After the President Trump government in U.S, Meera appeared eight times, as being Miliana Trump and had earned more than 24 thousand Dollar till yet.

Basically Meera was a belly dance in the past at the Tel Aviv, after wards she came to U.S and started her career as being a model, but due to the high competition she can’t become famous, around six months earlier she realised that she is highly resembling to the most famous lady Milana Trump, after which she decided to cash this resemblance of her with the U.S president’s wife, Melania Trump.

Meanwhile John Di Domenico is a 55 years, America man, highly resembling to Donald Trump, by his facial looks and the style of conversation, He John Di Domenico along Meera had a video shoot on a road, seen as the U.S President Trump with her wife Melania Trump.


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