Britain’s first ever female police commissioner

After the deployment of Cressida, as the police commissioner, for the first time in history, Britain police is having its top three posts by female officers.

London, In the 188 years old police department’s history, Carsseda Duck is appointed as the first ever female commissioner of the Metropolitan police. In the long history of Metropolitan police this happened that the female officer became the commissioner of the police department.

After the retirement of Nard Hogan, the head of the National Police council’s chief, Sarah Thornton, and Essex police Chief, Stephen, the Scotland yard’s Chief Mark Raoli, and Anti Terrorism force head Cressida Duck were the nominees for the post, and finally Cressida Duck became the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police of Britain, and the first ever female commissioner in Britain’s police history.

Cressida’s appointment makes for the first time Britain’s Police top three positions occupied by the female officers. Which includes the Metropolitan police commissioner, National Crime Agency’s chief, and the National Police Chiefs council’s presidency are the posts occupied by females first time in the history of Britain police.

At the appointment of Cressida as the commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Charles de Meneze’s family strongly condemned the decision. Because after two weeks of, the 2005 london blasts, a police team under the supervision of Cressida Duck, doubtedly considering Charles de Meneze a terrorist, and killed the innocent.

56 years old Cressida Duck, after doing her graduation at the Oxford university, in 1983 joined the police department, and in 1993 she became the first ever assistant commissioner of the London Metropolitan police, after wards in 2014, after having a 31 years of career in police department, she left the Scotland yard police and then joined the Foreign Ministry department.


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