At least 3 Indian soldiers dead, by an attack in occupied Kashmir

After the attack large number of Indian army soldiers has sealed the area, and started the search operation. In Srinagar, occupied Kashmir some unknown suspects attacked the Indian army convoy passing through the area, killing at least three soldiers and several got seriously injured.

This army convoy was on its routine patrolling in the area, when near occupied Kashmir’s district Shopian, some unknown armored suspects attack the army convoy and killed at least three Indian army soldiers and around a dozen were seriously injured in the fatal attack, one of the civilian was also killed in the attack, and few among the injured are in critical conditions.

Soon after the incident a large number of Indian army soldiers reached the site and started a detailed search operation in the area all around. Remember that the Indian army’s human rights violations, and the brutal killing of the innocent Kashmiri people resulted such attacks over Indian army, from few weeks such attacks on Indian army had risen, during few weeks this was the fourth attack on the Indian army in occupied Kashmir, which is definitely the reaction of the Indian army’s atrocity in the region.


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