U.S drone bombing in Afghanistan, killed 12 IS militants


Kabul, Afghanistan’s province Nangarhar faced a drone bombing attack by the U.S army, which resulted the killing of 12 militants, security forces and the civilians around in the area remain safe, did not suffered any injuries or casualties in the airstrike, police officials said.

Both the Afghan and US forces conducted regular strikes against the terror group in this province.

Provincial police commandant confirmed that the drone strike managed by the foreign country in the Achan District, hitted the extremist near Bandar, while travelling in a car, and also told that all the killed militants are foreigners.

The boost in vanishing these extremist militant troops of the IS was conducted by the Obama administration earlier last year, drone strikes were always part of the operations specially in East Afghanistan near the Pakistani border where theses troops safe homes were, till yet even by the effort of Afghan force along the U.S based operations these forces exists in the area.

The broader role was granted amid concerns that the loyalists of the terror group are attempting to expand foothold in the country and turn the eastern Nangarhar province into a regional operational hub for its fighters.

Meanwhile the security at the vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum house made tight by deploying military and police officials over there. Sherpur near Kabul at the vice president’s house, national police, quick response force along the armored vehicles are already deployed to ensure the security.

Keep in mind that the Afghan vice president returned to his office after persuading a controversial case against his political opponent.


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