U.S administration decided to deport 11 million illegal residents


According to the new guideline by the U.S government that session wise such illegal residents will be deported, which are in U.S from many years.

Washington, Donald Trump administration has prepared a new guideline for the return of people, those who are in U.S, staying illegally in the country from several year, such illegal residents are announced to deport soon.

Spokesperson of White House, San Spicer, while having a press briefing said that regarding the illegal residents deportation, secretary of Homeland security John Kelay has signed the two memos, according to these memos these illegal residents staying from a long time in U.S will be deported session wise.

White House spokesman Kelay told that, the purpose of announcement by White House and the HomeLand security department is to send a message to those residents who are the security threat to the U.S or those involved in crime should leave U.S, before any action by government, as the criminal will be facing the sentence.


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