Turkey lifted ban of wearing scarf for female army officers


Ankara, Turkey’s defense ministry has lifted the historic ban for wearing scarf in duty hours, meanwhile it is compulsory for these female army officials, to wearing the traditional army cap over the scarf.

Turkey’s official media saying, that defense ministry of Turkey has lifted the ban of wearing scarf of female army officers while duty hours, after which these female army officials will be wearing scarf in duty hours as well, this decision is implemented on the general staff, command headquarter and its branches officers.

The scarf wearing decision also includes the color matching with the uniform, such scarf should be used is ordered, and the official army cap is must to wear over the scarf, meanwhile these female army officials could not cover their face, according to the new order from the defense ministry.

Turkey’s lifted the ban for wearing scarf of women at the government educational institutes in 2013, and last year in August, government allowed the female police officers to wear scarf in duty timings as well, even scarf became the part of female police officers uniform in Turkey.


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