Mexican man commits suicide shortly after being deported from US


A Mexican man has apparently killed himself just minutes after he was being deported from the United States.

The 45 years old Guadalupe Olivas Valencia jumped from the a bridge and killed himself after being deported from the United States for the third time. He was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state but he died due to his injuries. A bag containing items of his personal use was also found near his body.

This suicide incident has occurred after US president Donald Trump’s introduction of new laws regarding illegal immigrants.

According to eyewitnesses Guadalupe Olivas was screaming that he does not want to go back to Mexico and it seemed that he was suffering from extreme mental pressure. The bridge he jumped off from is located near the border of United States and Mexico.

He suffered a serious head injury due to the fall and then he suffered an heart attack which eventually killed him. He belonged to one of the most violent parts of Mexico, most people want to leave the country due to the violence and drug cartels.

According to an estimate there are more than 10 million illegal immigrants in United States and most of them are from Mexico. In the beginning of this month a women who had been living in United States for 14 years was also deported despite protests.

The US foreign secretary will visit Mexico on Wednesday and meet the Mexican president to talk about border security, upholding of law and trade.


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