Fiance found guilty of children author Helen Bailey’s murder

Children author Helen Bailey was drugged and then murdered and her body was was thrown in a hidden waste pit, her fiance has now been found guilty of her murder.

The convict Ian Stewart is 56 years old was suspected of killing Helen Bailey by suffocating her in order to get hold of her wealth which was estimated to be near $5 million. Ian Stewart was found guilty after a seven week trial at the St Albans Crown Court.

Following the verdict police has said that it will now take another look at the death of Ian Stewart’s wife who had died in 2010 due to an epileptic seizure in their home in Bassingbourn,Cambridge.

According to the police Ian Stewart is a cunning man and he managed to deceive Helen Bailey after her husband’s death in 2011. Ian Stewart has hatched a long plan to inherit all the assets of Helen Bailey.

The jury was told by a pathologist that Helen Bailey was secretly given sleep drug zopiclone by her fiance, he kept giving her zopiclone for a few weeks and then one day he suffocated her by smothering her face with a pillow.

The murder occurred on April 11, 2016 and on the same day Ian Stewart tried to change the standing order to their joint account from Helen Bailey’s personal account. Later on he tried to sell her flat in Gateshead through a power of attorney.

Meanwhile he had Helen Bailey reported missing and made emotional appeals vowing to find her and take her back home. Ian Stewart also reported to the police that Helen had a left a note that said she needed space and that she is going to her home in Kent.

Three months later her body was found in the cesspit underneath the couple’s home alongside the body of her pet dog boris. The body was covered in a hard layer of excrement.

Jerome Kent, the Det Ch Inspector from Bedfordshire called Ian Stewart a “cold and calculated murderer”. He said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Helen Bailey loved him with all her heart and he is the one person who should have protected her and should have looked after her. I don’t believe he had any close feelings for Helen Bailey. Certainly the way he disposed of her body is an indication of the way he thought of her.”

He also said: “It’s only right that I consider what might have happened in Ian Stewart’s past to see whether there’s anything I need to get involved in, whether there’s any fresh evidence that might have come out from this trial. That’s something we will be doing in hand with the Cambridgeshire Coroner at the end of this investigation.”

Ian Stewart has been found guilty of murder, fraud, three counts of perverting the course of justice and fraud. He will be sentenced on Tuesday.


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