Canada allows U.S deported illegal residents



Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said he has a faith over his country’s immigration system. He once again announced, that Canada will allow the deported U.S residents to come in Canada. He will stand at this decision whatever the U.S considers to it.

While his address to the Canadian Parliament, the Prime Minister said that he trust his immigration system, last month 452 people reached Canada from U.S, The humble politician said that who ever comes to Canada for protection, will definitely be helped by the country.

Justin Trudeau stated this at the time, when the U.S president, Trump already had declared a war with such illegal residents, Meanwhile U.S administration already announced the deportation of the 11 million illegal residents, which U.S planned to deport session wise, who are staying from a long period in U.S, according to the new U.S guide line, soon these illegal residents will be deported from U,S.


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