Sony Xperia XA


The new Sony Xperia XA smartphone, I think the Xperia XA is actually the most interesting of the three new X-series phone Sony has just announced, it’s the least powerful has a lower resolution display is not just all was approved but I love the design, It’s thinner, it’s lighter and it’s more comfortable to hold than the X or the XP and the fact that the size of basically no bezels at all gives it quite a unique look and feel despite having a similar style to the other Xperia phones.


So I may suffer in terms of specs compared to the other devices this mid-range option is still pretty capable of the five inch 720p display, 13 megapixel rear camera and the latest Android 6 – Marshmallow software the Mediatek MT6755 processor won’t break any speed records of course even if it is a 64 bit odd courtship and it doesn’t have to be divisive RAM compared with the three on X and the XP models.


Still felt smooth and responsive in my hands on tests the only area performance seemed to suffer a little bit was in the boot speed test, but taking only a few seconds longer than XP with it’s powerful Snapdragon 820, that’s actually pretty impressive. It’s a bit of a shame, the XA has a plastic body compared to its more expensive metal brothers, but are still feels great in the hand, it helps make the lightest of the three smartphones just a 138 grams, at some point 7.9mm thick it’s also the thinnest of the trio of possibility and thin bezels are your cup of tea in the XA will be the one for you the 16GB of built-in storage may be an issue for some, but the good news is that it does support expandable memory in the form of microSD cards up to 200 GB in capacity.


So despite this modest specs I think the XA actually the most interesting of the new Xperia phones I wish the X and the XP had the same design it’s amazing how much difference just getting the side bezels makes to giving the phone a more modern and sleek look. I think the X and the XP look a little bit dated when sat side-by-side with the XA, all three of Sony’s new smartphones are due to be released in the summer, but pricing hasn’t been confirmed, although the XA will be the cheapest of the three.


I think I should be the most popular as well, since the X and the XP have strong competition the forms of Galaxy S7 and LG G5 flagships was the entry level XA they will still try to compete in a pretty crowded market does have a unique and interesting style which i think a lot of people will actually really like What do you think? are you excited for the new Xperia phones? would you go for the X, XA or the XP


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