Huawei Y6 First Outlook, Specifications


Huawei Y6 is the first entry-level smartphone from Huawei we got this time. Here’s the review… Huawei Y6 is designed as an entry-level smartphone for Android first-timer with 5 inch display and plastic material. There’s nothing special about its design. The back case is made from glossy plastic material with glitter design that gives tiny sparks when a light shine onto it. Fingerprints mark is only natural for its glossy plastic back case.


Huawei Y6 has 2 micro SIM card slots and a microSD slot hidden under its removable back case. There’s 2 Huawei logo on this phone, on its back case and on the frontside below the display. Huawei Y6 has on-screen menu button and a blue LED notification above the display. For a smartphone below US$150, this phone has a humble looks, easy to use in one hand and quite light in weight.


Huawei is bold enough to use EMUI based on Android 5.1.1 on this phone since that UI usually available in mid-high class smartphone such as Huawei G8. This is the first time we had our hands on EMUI which is a typical UI you find in other Chinese smartphone with no app drawer and offers page transition effects. You can shake the phone and… Voila! All scattered icons now back in order. Thanks to EMUI, Huawei Y6 also has motion gesture feature such as double touch to turn on the screen and writing “C, E, M and W” as shortcuts to access certain apps.


Even with only 5 inch display, Huawei Y6 still has one hand operation feature to shrink the screen to just 3 inch. Networked apps is a menu to set which apps can connect to internet and displaying notifications, just like in iOS. Since this phone is designed for new Android user, Huawei provides a simple home screen style mode. If you are an avid mobile gamer, this smartphone is not for you. Huawei Y6 is an-entry level smartphone good for video, media social or medium class gaming. With 8GB internal storage and only 4.3GB usable space games like Unkilled or Angry Birds 2 can run quite well. But EMUI is a bit overwhelmed when you jump from one menu to another. Although this phone has 2GB RAM, there’s lag in switching menus or apps. Surely, Snapdragon 210 1.1GHz quad-core CPU is the main reason. This processor can’t handle EMUI perfectly. Huawei speaker is pretty good with sonorous sound. While the 720p display has high pixel density that’s great for streaming HD video.


One thing, lots of fingeprints on the display can be annoying. Camera is another best feature in Huawei Y6. Its 8MP rear camera can capture great photos even in an area with less light. Unlike any US$75, Huawei Y6 rear camera has excellent white balance. There’s no problem capturing photos indoor with just a little noise. All-focus is an interesting photo mode. After the photo is shot, you can choose any object to focus while another object is blur.


There’s Beautify mode and Smile capture for face objects. The camera also capable of recording time-lapse video. Huawei Y6 is a proof that Huawei doesn’t want to only focus on flagship device. This smartphone is not for heavy gamer but it’s good for those who love taking photos.



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