Why LG G5 is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S7


The LG G5 and the Galaxy S7 are two of the highest-end Android phones available. We’re going to be comparing them phone book style looking at 15 reasons why each phone can be considered better than the other. Let’s get right into it.


The larger 5.3 inch display makes viewing content and videos that much easier on the eyes. Two, removable battery. A removable battery means you can swap in a fresh one whenever you want, or replace an old, defective battery somewhere down the line. Three, magic slot. The modular design on the G5 allows you to literally upgrade your phone with things like a hi-fi deck for better audio, or a camera grip for better controls.


Four, USB Type-C. With USB Type-C you can plug in your charger in either direction, making it especially easy to do so when in the dark. Number five, ultra wide camera. In addition to its main 16-megapixel camera, the G5 also has an eight-megapixel ultra wide camera that captures a 135-degree viewing angle, letting you fit in way more into a single photo or video than you ever could on the S7.


Six, better selfies. A higher resolution on the G5’s eight-megapixel front camera translates into cleaner and crisper selfies. Seven, durability. The metal design on the G5 can handle drops better than the nearly all-glass Galaxy S7, at least when being dropped on its back. Eight, IR sensor. A built-in infrared sensor allows you to control your TV, Blu-ray player and more, turning your phone into a remote control.


Nine, better speaker. The speaker on the G5 is not only louder than the S7’s, but it also Produces richer and fuller sound. Number 10, customizable buttons. The customizable home touch buttons let you put the Home, Back, and Recent keys in any order you want, while also giving you the option to add shortcuts for things like pulling down the notification bar.


11, cleaner back. Unlike the S7, the G5 isn’t a fingerprint magnet and won’t pick up anywhere near as much hand grease. 12, knock on. A double tap of the screen turns the display on and off from the lock screen, letting you interact with notifications quickly and easily.


Knock on can also be used as an alternative password method if fingerprints aren’t your thing. 13, always on display. While both devices have always on displays for quick information at a glance, the G5’s supports more third-party apps so you won’t miss out on any notifications.


14, 24-bit audio. A 24-bit deck and 24-bit streaming gives you better-quality sound when using headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. And finally, reason number 15, shortcut keys. From the lock screen, or when the screen is off, you can double-press the volume down key to launch straight into the camera and the volume up key to quickly launch LG’s Notes app.


Alright, so those are the top 15 reasons why the G5 could be considered better than the S7. But remember, the word better is subjective, so be sure to watch the Galaxy S7’s version.


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