Sao Paulo Popular Tourist Attractions

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Sao Paulo and Southeast Brazil is the most populous city in the southern hemisphere and one of the biggest on the planet this once modest missionary outpost has grown out to become the country’s economical and cultural powerhouse.

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Welcome to the fascinating city of South power. This is the city fondly known as some time these are the locals who call themselves palace tunnels and this is what brings out their passion strong coffee named kazini soccer which they call pussy boy and of course carnival southbound or may not have real famous beaches but it makes up for it in culture in this energetic and creative City You can  enjoy the cool escape of nearly a hundred museums and paste flavors from all over the world in some 20,000 cafes and restaurants because some Paulo is so incomprehensibly big it helps to start at the very beginning of its history the botanical gardens in parque de estado.

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Near the airport preserve some of the Atlantic rainforest that covered much of the brazilian coast. The landscape was transformed when the Portuguese arrived on a mission to convert the native Amerindians to the Catholic faith.

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Stand on the very spot where the city was founded by Portuguese Jesuits in 1554 at a popular local SEO in the old city center the location of their main church the precedence a now houses the neo-gothic metropolitan cathedral with its Renaissance tome which was modeled on that of the Cathedral of florence in Italy.

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In the 17th century sao paulo grew exponentially when a gold rush attracted minors to the region. Next came african slaves who are imported to work in the sugarcane and coffee plantations the 19th century brought more Europeans and the Japanese followed in the 20th century. The resulting melting pot of cultures is the pulsing engine than now drives Brazil’s economy the city’s oldest district central has been home to latin america’s largest Stock Exchange since 1890. While just across the street is the richly decorated lobby of the former state bank’s headquarters.

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Feel in or around this building three miles to the south avenida paulista was built on the wealth of the first copy barons as the country’s financial artery and one of the city’s main thoroughfares the boulevard pulses with the energy of about one and a half million pedestrians per day.


Apart from investing in its financial economy so powerful also has a policy of boosting its

creative economy making the city one of Brazil’s most exciting cultural holds avenida paulista is home to the gravity-defying sao paulo museum of art inside view paintings by a claim European masters such as van Gogh Rafael and Peele castle as well as Brazil’s own leading artists.


This remarkable museum belongs to the people and it was the wish of the architect that her modernist design would return the same amount of public space thetic borrowed leaving the square. Underneath open for public enjoyment.


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