What to See in Berlin ?


Are you planning to visit Berlin? This unique city has a rich cultural atmosphere with the huge variety of attractions and landmarks to experience. Here are our top 10 must-see attractions in no particular order


We start our journey at the heart of Berlin Puffy’s up that’s right behind the famous pondan burgate this symbol of peace is undoubtedly the city’s official emblem having once been one of the many gates surrounding the city on top of the gate is the beautiful bronze quadriga of

Victory. Named after the Roman goddess which was returned to the city after the Battle of

Waterloo head south to get to the Holocaust Memorial which is dedicated to the murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime before and during World War II.


Next we visit one of Berlin’s most significant landmarks the High Stack. This historic building was once a meeting place for the German government and was mainly funded by reparation

money from the war with France in 1871 heavily damaged during World War II. The high stack is once again the seat of the Bundestag and is open to the public including an elevator ride to the rooftop providing great views of Berlin sites.


Moving on we head over to Alexander Platz one of Berlin’s prime locations. Although once considered to be architectural challenged it has been completely redeveloped and is home to the found it to him one of the largest structures in Europe and one of Berlin’s iconic symbols.  This 365 meter tall television tower contains a revolving restaurant and an observation platform which provides spectacular panoramic views of the city.


Next is the famous landmark at Berlin’s most beautiful square gendarmenmarkt once you’ve explored the square head to the nearby freely Schlosser one of the main shopping streets in Berlin and part of the historical neighborhood of Clete least at this legendary street is most famous for its upscale real estate combined with numerous coffee shops boutiques and decorated buildings. Your day with a show at the famous pun last theater.


Potsdamer Platz one of the liveliest and exciting places in Europe packed with bars cafes and movie theaters. This multifaceted square attracts tens of thousands of people daily looking to experience a unique blend of art shopping entertainment and cosmopolitan flare among famous landmarks such as the Sony Centre, Debbie tower and the Imax theater.


It’s time you to visit for the annual Berlin international film festival and enjoy one of the world’s most diverse cultural events.


Next on our list is a magnificent 18th century Barack palace schloss charlottenburg spend some time exploring the old gallery the porcelain gallery the Whitehall the golden gallery and the gallery of the romantics.


Charlottenburg palace is located in the neighborhood of charlottenburg and is easy accessible via the tube number. Three is the lovely neighborhood of mitter translated as middle this vibrant district is located right in the middle of the city in between the green oasis if tea garden and the bustling.


Neighborhood of me to sign it is also the historic heart of Berlin and home to most of the main attractions in the city including the pandan work gate bell in adorm the jewish memorial Babel plots guy stuck.


Alexander Platz quarters hart house and more mitt is also a great area for drinks and dinner as the variety of local bars cafes and restaurants is truly wide.


Now it is time to head to the fashionable fleetly sign with its array of attractions once a squat is Haven this highly vibrant and diverse area has a character of its own. It is home to the striking or bomb hooker bridge the must-see east side gallery with over a hundred works of art and a few important museums.


There is no shortage of late-night activities, the last attraction on this list is so long garden. This is one of the largest zoological gardens in the world and a great attraction for any age group. Tthere are more than 15,000 animals from 1400 species including a rare bird house and many exotic species from various continents as well as a children’s zoo where kids can pet the animals. The zoo is comfortably located right at the center of the city near that saugus a train station as well as Berlin’s shopping street cool down which means that you could combine your shopping with some kid-friendly activities.



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