Five Cuban Athletes Convicted For Committing Rape in Finland


Finland: Five Cuban athletes from the international volleyball team have been convicted for the rape of a women during the World League tournament held in Tampere city of Finland.


Four of the players including the team captain are sentenced for five years while the fifth player has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.


All five suspects were arrested on 2nd July from the northern city of Finland when a woman accused them of raping her in a hotel.


Initially eight people were taken into custody two of them were later released, a third player was cleared by the court in August.


The Cuban volleyball team was participating in this tournament prior to Rio Olympics, the rape incident took place at the same hotel where the athletes were staying.


All of the athletes have denied the accusation and insisted that the women agreed to have sex with them.


Two coaches of the team were also fired after the accusations.
The Cuban team participated in Rio Olympics regardless of the accusations and lost every match that they played.


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