You Can Make Money On Twitter Now By Sharing Videos


San Francisco: Twitter has announced to monetize the video content uploaded by its users just like Youtube.


The social media outlet has launched a program called “Twitter Amplify Publisher Program” which is already sharing profits from advertisements with specific US media groups like Buzzfeed and Time.


But now the program is expanded and anyone from the US can be a part of this program and earn money by sharing videos. According to social media critics twitter is trying to compete with other social media outlets like Youtube and Facebook.


Guy Snir, the director of  project management of twitter announced this on his blogpost on August 30, 2016, he said, “Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our creator revenue programs, which will provide creators of all sizes with the ability to monetize content in multiple ways and generate revenue at scale.”


Just like Google Adsense only approved publishers will be allowed to monetize their videos, after creating the video the publisher will have to click a checkbox before tweeting which will show the advertisement with the video.
It is yet to be seen if this monetization strategy will help twitter in acquiring more users, last year twitter only gained one percent of its total subscribers as new subscribers. Currently 313 million people are using twitter.


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