NASA Reestablishes Contact With Lost Spacecraft After Two Years


Washington: NASA lost contact with the spacecraft in 2006 which was sent to research the sun, recently NASA has established connection with the spacecraft once again.


These twin spacecrafts were named “Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories”, their mission was to get close to the sun and study the plasma and charged particles released by the sun which is also called the magnetic ground of the sun.


One of the spacecraft called STEREO B lost contact while the other spacecraft called STEREO A has been working all right all this time.


The expected life span of the spacecraft was 2 years, now it has been found out that for three months the spacecraft were behind the sun and that is why they lost contact with the Earth.


Somehow STEREO B started malfunctioning and in 2014 STEREO A also went silent, NASA took the help of their deep space network and was able to reestablish contact with STEREO B.


Now experts are trying to find the malfunction in the spacecraft and are trying to get as much information as they can from the spacecraft.


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