Philippine Government Is Hiring Female Assassins To Kill Drug Dealers


Manila: The government is reportedly hiring female target killers as they can get closer to the drug dealers without much suspicion.


Since becoming president Duterte’s campaign to eliminate every drug dealer has resulted in the killing of 1,900 people, now his regime has turned to female assassins to complete the task.


Philippine’s president Rodrigo Duterte vowed during his election campaign to to kill 100,000 criminals before the first six months of his government.


He said during a speech, “There will be no let up in this campaign, we will not stop until the last drug lord and the last financer has surrendered or put behind bars or below the ground if they so wish.”


According to BBC, they talked to a female target killer in Philippine who works with two other women. Her husband is also a contract killer and he was the one who gave her the first assignment.


She said, My husband was ordered to kill people who had not paid what they owed. One time, they needed a woman… my husband tapped me to do the job. When I saw the man I was supposed to kill, I got near him and I shot him.”


However, now she has been hired by the government and the police gives her target to kill, she said the war against drug lords has increased the killings and greater risk is involved now.


She also faces the threat of being killed by the government if she stops killing people on their requests.


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