Earth Like Planet Discovered Outside Our Solar System


London: An international team of astronomers have discovered a stoney earthlike planet outside our solar system which is about 4.25 light years away from earth.


The research took a lot of years and has now confirmed the existence of an earthlike planet named Proxima b, it is orbiting the closest star to our sun the Proxima Centauri.


With the possibility of liquid water on the surface Proxima b is in the habitable zone of the star it is orbiting around. According to the researchers this might be the closest location for the existence of life outside our solar system.


Ansgar Reiners, the study author said, “The good news is that it is so close. It is not only nice for having it in our neighborhood, but it’s a dream come true for astronomers if we think about follow-up observation.”


The distance of Proxima b from earth is 4.25 light years from our solar system meaning it will take over four years to get there if travelling with the speed of light.
The lead study author Guillem Anglada-Escude said, “It’s not only the closest terrestrial planet found, it’s probably the closest planet outside our solar system that will ever be found because there is no star closer to the solar system than this one.”


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